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18/1/2019 — Oil and Gas
Innovation new fuel charging system

New camera recognition technology is expected to resolve one problem for New Zealand’s largest petrol station owner.

The website PetrolPlaza said some 40 New Zealand gas stations owned by Z Energy Ltd (NZX & ASX: ZEL) will now allow drivers to fill up and leave due to camera recognition technology.

After a successful trial period across nine sites, PetrolPlaza said Z Energy will roll out its hand-free, number plate recognition payment system across 40 gas stations.

The company’s new payment system Fastlane will allows drivers to pull in, fill up and be on their way without leaving their car, touching their phone or even their wallet. At the pump, onsite cameras instantaneously read and validate the vehicle’s registration plate against a secure customer database.

Z Energy reportedly started trialling the system in December 2017 and has seen a positive impact. By the end of the week, 40 stations throughout Auckland and the North Island will be able to include the company’s Fastlanes, according to a New Zealand Herald report.

The technology allows for recording multiple number plates to a single payment card so parents can pay for their children's fuel or employees can fill up on the company account.

“It's not for everyone, in the same sense that if you want to deal with a bank, you can go into the branch, online or call them up - different people have different preferences and we see Fastlane as another choice,” said Z Energy innovation manager, Pete Robson.

Source: petrolplaza.com

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