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11/1/2019 — Education, Science and Technology
Crater Lake may overflow

GNS Science’s monitoring of New Zealand’s most active volcano have discovered its crater lake might overflow in a few months, according to TVNZ.

The television channel reported that the crater lake on White Island, has been steadily rising over the past year, and it could pose a risk to those visiting the island.

“Around January (last year) a lake started to form on the floor of it and the lake has risen about 12 metres,” GNS Volcanologist Brad Scott told One News.

The previous lake was destroyed following an eruption in 2016, blasting a 13-metre hole in the crater floor. It’s risen three times in the last 15 years, coming close but never reaching overflow.

"Basically the volcano has cooled down and the volcanic gas coming into the volcano has come into contact with some water and it's getting condensed,” Scott reportedly said.

One News said the lake is expected to spill over in around six months. Geysers will start to appear as hydrothermal vents are drowned by the rising water. But scientists say the only risk will be to those on the island.

This could be tough news for tourists to the popular spot. Patrick O’Sullivan of White Island Tours told One News his company was getting three boats out a day to White Island “which is good for this time of year.”

Source: tvnz.co.nz

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Crater Lake on White Island. Source: stuff.co.nz