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10/12/2018 — Alternative Energy
Board change at NZ Windfarm

North Island wind farm operator NZ Windfarms Ltd (NZX: NWF) has appointed Toby Stevenson to fill a casual vacancy on the board.

Chairman Stuart Bauld said Stevenson has significant governance and industry experience relevant to NZ Windfarms.

He is the chairman of the Independent Assessment Board for Local Government NZ's Excellence Programme and is on the board of Sapere Research Group. He was an independent director on the board of King Country Energy from 2009-2018 and was chairman of that company from 2014.

Stevenson works full time as a consultant in Sapere’s energy and environment practice. His work ranges across commercial, regulatory and policy matters and is focussed on risk management in energy and carbon markets.

Previously, from 1996 to 2003, Toby was responsible for trading and risk management in the electricity market for Contact Energy.

NZ Windfarms also announced that the contract for John Worth as chief executive officer will end on March 8 next year. The board has appointed current director Rob Foster to take over as interim CEO.

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