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7/12/2018 — Coal, Lignite and CSG/CBM
UK specialist in new Pike report
By Ross Louthean

The now very-expensive Pike River coal mine access plan to recover remains of some of the 29 miners killed there eight years ago now takes in a plan from a British mining consultant.

The Pike River Recovery Agency has produced a detailed update on its plans for re-entry, and this includes a report by Dr Roy Moreby of Morvent Mining Ltd in Plymouth, UK.

What his report details is a re-ventilation programme for the innards of the damaged mine and development of a second egress which could help with exhausting methane and other impediments and to act as an escapeway.

Moreby cites a series of options and the management and use of nitrogen.

Several years ago some of the Pike River families pushing for a mine re-entry to recover the remains cited having special British coal mining industry specialists who claimed the re-entry was feasible. Names of these specialists were not detailed. NZResources does not imply Moreby was one of these.

In this detailed report the Agency said recent workshops had considered several options including a short tunnel access with a variety of ventilation options.

Later the report shows there will be testing the permeability of the rock fall area at the base of the drift, and this will be assisted by another deep diamond drill hole.

One other progressing exercise was identifying a suitable site for the tunnel portal surface facilities and access.

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