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21/9/2018 — Conference Special
Coal mine sealing techniques explained

Sealing of the Huntly West coal mine near the Huntly power station on the North Island will make good use of geosynthetics for long term stability.

A presentation at the AusIMM NZ Mining Conference by Michael Begbie for Bathurst Resources said this quest would involve the civil construction industry over an active historic coal mining area where ground conditions could create voids.

Begbie said the guidelines to be used would aim to prevent an open void to the surface.

Seal drifts at the location would involve at least 15 metres of “solid cover and backfilling of the drift to surface and installing another surface bulkhead seal.”

Constraints that influenced the ability to install mine seals include that the mine was filled with water and that it was not feasible to dewater the mine to establish an inbye bulkhead.

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