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14/5/2018 — Environment and Society
Govt increases predator control spend

The Coalition Government will give the Department of Conservation an additional $81 million in the budget, over four years for predator control.

Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage said at the weekend that this announcement won't be the only funding on offer.

“This is part of the conservation package in Budget 2018, there's more to come on Thursday, but we have a biodiversity crisis because of possums, rats and stoats,” she reportedly told Radio NZ.

Ms Sage said when looking at predator control specifically, the Government was funding more than double what National had over the past four years.

The funding package in 2017 was largely for tourism facilities, not for backing nature by doing extensive predator control.

She added, under National, Department of Conservation’s (DOC) core baseline funding only allowed it to control predators on around 200,000 hectares annually.

“We are going to ramp that sustained control up to 1.85 M hectares on an ongoing basis, that's almost 25% of the conservation estate,” she said.

*Source: Radionz.co.nz

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A stoat in the wild. Photo: Purangi Kiwi.