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Renewable Energy


A Dunedin company has produced a smaller single blade wind turbine ideal for private and small community use.


A parliamentary committee was told yesterday by an energy company chief executive that hydrogen energy may be years away from being commercial and in the interim Huntly power station will remain an essential backup for renewable energy.


NZ Windfarms which has undergone a year of significant changes is now to get a new director and a change at the top.


With a full takeover bid being just avoided Tilt Renewables has announced a share allotment right to senior staff.

by Ross Louthean

Despite all the rhetoric New Zealand may never be totally operating with renewable energy but there are greater and costly questions on going too far with renewables in Australia.


By the time the full takeover bid for Tilt Renewables had run its course, the bare knuckled result showed the two key shareholders failed to reach the 90% mark for a mandatory takeover.


Hydrogen energy has been a technology that has been around for decades and recent refinements have encouraged Ports of Auckland to develop the first develop the first plant in New Zealand.


The two major shareholders in Tilt Renewables said their joint full takeover bid now looks inevitable as they have reached a shareholding of 85%.


Infratil and Mercury NZ had extended the deadline for their joint full takeover bid for Tilt Renewables.


There was a timely announcement this week by Tilt Renewables, which is under a full takeover bid, about the financing being in place for its new Victorian wind farm.

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