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Women involved in mining in New Zealand will be able to apply for scholarships for up to $7,000.

by Ross Louthean

One of the ancient civilisations where gold mining goes back at least 5,000 years, and is a significant mining contributor today, will be the subject of next month’s talk for the AusIMM Auckland Group.


Scientists from New Zealand and America have been studying the Antarctic Sea Ice and have some concerns about recent changes.


White Island is often bubbling as New Zealand’s most active volcano and scientists are noting another potential overflow on its Crater Lake.


A sophisticated new geohazard monitoring centre has been set up for GNS Science to enhance the requirement for a quick response.


Key old maps help scientists better define the location of the historic Pink Terraces and White Terraces.


Scientists have produced a new global map that shows where major earthquakes have occurred across the globe.


An organiser who lived through the Canterbury earthquakes has been appointed as new head of the Resilience Challenge Governance Group.


The Snares Islands off the South Island was again scene of a significant earthquake early yesterday afternoon.


GNS Science is collaborating with city authorities to undertake a survey aimed at understanding what structural damage has or could happen in NZ cities.

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