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24/9/2018 — Conference Special
by Ross Louthean

If New Zealand does not want to remain reliant on one listed company for virtually all of its hard rock gold ore than the groundswell of interest in re-entering the Golden Blocks needs to advance.

Includes following attachments:
- GoldenBlocks presentation (3.8 megabytes)

3/9/2018 — Gold
by Ross Louthean

Despite exploration interest growing for the Golden Blocks at the top of the South Island, a company holding a prime target area has had little to say about its work or its intention.

11/10/2017 — Gold

Perth-based Strategic Elements is holding on to its Golden Blocks goldfield target on the South Island and is awaiting a particular access agreement.

Includes following attachments:
- AGM presentation. (6.7 megabytes)

9/10/2017 — Gold
by Ross Louthean

Nearology can be a valuable marketing tool when there is speculation about a gold discovery or two where analogies are drawn with the mighty Witwatersrand gold belt.

19/6/2017 — General

The gold quest on the South Island of New Zealand by Strategic Elements still gets scant coverage compared to its quest on nanocube memory ink technology.

Includes following attachments:
- Strategic Elements Media Release (2.4 megabytes)
- Nanocube Progress (2.6 megabytes)

3/3/2017 — Gold

Perth-based Strategic Elements has a big focus now on technology but it is retaining its gold exploration permit on New Zealand’s South Island.

7/11/2016 — Gold

A junior company that reactivated its gold quest on the South Island is seeking a permit to continue work at the historic Golden Blocks.

14/9/2016 — Gold

The South Island gold quest by a Perth based Pooled Development Fund has been reactivated and detailed at the company’s recent annual meeting.

Includes following attachments:
- Company presentation. (456.5 kilobytes)

12/9/2016 — Gold
by Ross Louthean

An Australian junior company has reactivated its work on an upper South Island project and is gearing up for a drilling programme.

Includes following attachments:
- ASX release. (1.8 megabytes)

3/8/2016 — Gold

In recent times it looked like Strategic Elements had lost interest in South Island gold when it became focused on a technology system, but it is now gearing up an exploration programme.

Includes following attachments:
- ASX report. (210.8 kilobytes)
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