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24/9/2018 — Conference Special
by Simon Hartley

Government proposals which could dramatically alter how mining is done in New Zealand cast a pall of gloom over the annual AusIMM New Zealand Mining Conference in in Tauranga. Attendee Simon Hartley summarises the state of the sector.

7/9/2018 — Other Minerals and Metals
by Simon Hartley

Chatham Rock Phosphate has established a subsidiary to focus on the potential to also recover rare earths from the Chatham Rise seabed.

4/6/2018 — General

Aorere Resources annual financial result shows that the company is hoping that its investments move it out of the red in the new fiscal year.

Includes following attachments:
- AORERE Year End Financial Statements (919.3 kilobytes)
- Aorere Financial Results (524.7 kilobytes)

23/4/2018 — Other Minerals and Metals

A delegation from Morocco has visited New Zealand to try and convince authorities and industry that it should remain an unfettered supplier of phosphate.

11/4/2018 — Other Minerals and Metals
CRP appoints market maker (Free to View)

Chatham Rock Phosphate has appointed a market maker to assist with information and promotion of the company on the venture market of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

9/4/2018 — Other Minerals and Metals

A new private placement for Chatham Rock Phosphate will be used to advance the new mining permit application with New Zealand’s EPA.

26/3/2018 — Other Minerals and Metals

Chatham Rock Phosphate’s hopes for the Chatham Rise seabed mining project has been buoyed by the outcome of a court case in Mexico.

19/3/2018 — Other Minerals and Metals

The potential for the European Union to crack down on high-cadmium phosphate rock imports is being seen as a plus for a New Zealand company.

17/1/2018 — Other Minerals and Metals
by Simon Hartley

The team at Chatham Rock Phosphate is working on having its resubmission for marine consents prepared by late this year.

15/1/2018 — Other Minerals and Metals

Chatham Rock Phosphate has not been coy in pushing its development barrow and put out a new report last week.

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- CRP update. (623.5 kilobytes)
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