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14/5/2018 — Environment and Society

The Government’s increased spending now takes in a stronger war on predator pests.

23/3/2018 — Environment and Society

A major mouse-eradication problem on Antipodes Island will allow help bird life to thrive again on this remote New Zealand dependency.

9/2/2018 — Coal, Lignite and CSG/CBM

How do you create new mining jobs on the West Coast? Perhaps it’s a good idea to find ways to bypass the anti-mining Conservation and Lands Minister.

22/1/2018 — Coal, Lignite and CSG/CBM
by Ross Louthean

Yet another attempt is being made to spike a much-needed coal project on the West Coast by Forest and Bird and this time the organisation may have at least a sympathetic ear through its new Conservation Minister.

8/1/2018 — Oil and Gas
by Ross Louthean

It’s good to hear a political voice questioning the social media alarm currently swamping New Zealand by the anti-oil exploration brigades.

18/12/2017 — General

Cape Foulwind was an aptly named location on the West Coast and it is now getting a conservation grant to advance and protect the wildlife and fauna.

21/7/2017 — Environment and Society

The sins of yesteryear when mining company’s quit areas decades ago has led to a major remediation job on two contaminated sites on the South Island.

21/7/2017 — Gold
by Ross Louthean

In this new world of cut-and-paste journalism a picture has been created overseas that Karangahake is a sacred mountain that would be devastated by mining. A balanced report would tell another story.

14/7/2017 — Environment and Society

The vermin war to protect native birds in New Zealand is being stepped up, with a specific focus on stoats and rats.

5/6/2017 — Environment and Society

A remote island in Southland is now environmentally sound and devoid of feral animals.

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