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7/3/2012 — Oil and Gas
NZOG details Kupe’s equity production in February.

Production of gas was low in February for partners in the Kupe gas and oil field, according to figures released by partner New Zealand Oil & Gas Ltd (NZOG).

NZOG said its share of sales gas in February was 0.2 PJ which took the year to date (July, 2011 to February) to 1.86 PJ.

The company’s 15% stake in Kupe also saw a February result of 19,300 barrels of light oil (178,000 barrels for the year to date) and 907 tonnes of LPG (8.15t).

Kupe, which is 30 kilometres off the Taranaki coast, has Origin Energy as 50% owner and operator, and the other partners are Genesis Energy 31% and Mitsui E&P Australia 4%.

The operation has an onshore production station, 12 km west of Hawera.

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