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3/10/2018 — Oil and Gas
Progress on Kohatukai-1

On Monday evening the Kohatukai-1 well in the onshore Taranaki had reached a depth of 647 metres in the first week of drilling.

Reporting to the market, well partner New Zealand Oil & Gas Ltd (NZX: NZO) said a 13 3/8” diameter casing has been successfully run into the wellbore and cemented into place.

The blow out preventer has been installed, the 12 1/4” bottom hole assembly has been made up, and the current operation is the BHA is being run in hole to recommence drilling operations.

The well is in PEP 55768, south of New Plymouth, where drilling began on September 24.

Participants in the licence are Mitsui E&P Australia Pty Ltd 37.5%; AWE Holdings NZ Ltd 12.5% (operator); New Zealand Oil & Gas 25%; and O.G. Oil and Gas Ltd 25%.

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