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21/9/2018 — Gold
OceanaGold weathers two storms

The world’s two biggest weather events this week happened in countries where OceanaGold Corporation (TSX & ASX: OGC) has mining operations.

The company yesterday reported on the fact that both Didipio in the Philippines and Haile in South Carolina in the United States had come through respmassive typhoons and cyclones without any injuries.

Commenting, chief executive Mick Wilkes said the company uses stringent processes and operational readiness practices ahead of potential severe weather events to ensure workers are safe, the site is secure and our robust environmental safety controls are in place.

He said the workforce at both operations were well prepared and equipped to deal with a worst-case scenario weather event. Both operations are designed to withstand hurricanes, tornados or other severe weather.

“Our community relations teams remained in close contact with local authorities and communities throughout the storm and in the aftermath, we offered our assistance in recovery efforts.”

Wilkes said that operationally, OceanaGold does not expect any impact to production at either operation as a result of these storms.

At the Didipio gold-coppere mine there were no injuries or environmental impacts associated with Super Typhoon Mangkhut, a category five storm that impacted northern Philippines.

At Didipio, the centre of the storm travelled north of the operation, however the site received a moderate amount of rainfall.

“As Didipio is designed for and accustomed to significant rainfall and strong wind events, particularly during the typhoon season, the site was well prepared in advance of the storm. Following a brief stoppage of operational activities, the Didipio operation was safely restarted.”

The company dispatched a Typhoon Response Team to assist local and regional government authorities in their recovery efforts within the Cagayan Valley to the north of the operation.

In the past, Didipio's Typhoon Response Teams provided support to other similar storms such as Super Typhoon Haiyan that devastated the Visayas region in central Philippines in 2013.

In the US, the Haile operation reported no injuries or environmental impacts associated with Tropical Storm Florence, which significantly impacted coastal areas in North and South Carolina.

The centre of the slow-moving storm travelled south of Columbia, South Carolina, 60 miles from Haile.

OceanaGold said Haile was well prepared for a worst-case scenario storm event and was temporarily suspended on Friday ahead of the weather and for the safety of the workforce who commute to and from site.

The process plant was safely and successfully restarted on Sunday while mining resumed on Monday.

Prior to, during and after the storm, the Haile operation worked closely with local communities and maintained open communication lines during the storm to support their needs and well-being. In the aftermath, the Haile operation offered its support and assistance for any emergency clean-up required.

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The devastation of Cyclone Haiyan in 2013.