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17/9/2018 — Economics, Politics and Government
Blueprint for course of Government

The Coalition Government of Jacinda Ardern has been keen to create committees and yesterday it released what Radio New Zealand said was a blueprint for this term of Government and potentially beyond.

This blueprint consists of 12 different policy priorities, with three main themes - a strong sustainable economy, ensuring the wellbeing of New Zealanders and providing what Jacinda Ardern claimed was “new” Government leadership.

Cabinet committees - groups of Cabinet ministers in particular portfolio areas - will have to make sure budget bids meet those priorities.

Ms Ardern unveiled the plan in a speech to the media in Auckland, alluding to recent coverage of tensions and disagreements over some policy positions within Government.

“It should come as no surprise though, that as three distinct parties, we will have different opinions and ideas. Those didn't begin and nor did they end at the negotiating table.

“But ultimately, we make those differences work as much as we make our consensus drive us forward,” she reportedly said.

She claimed the coalition was elected not to oversee a “modified status quo,” but to be a “Government of change.”

Radio NZ said Ms Ardern indicated the plan was to give New Zealanders a clear idea where the Government was heading.

She said a set of measurements would be established to monitor progress. There would also be regular public reports to track progress on each part of the plan.

Radio NZ said Cabinet papers dating back to March have been released, when ministers were asked to start looking at how best to organise their work programme.

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern yesterday released a plan of what the coalition government will do for the rest of the term and potentially into the future. Photo: Richard Tindiller, Radio NZ.