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12/9/2018 — Oil and Gas
Greenpeace hits a new low

The radical Greenpeace organisation which has changed its spots in recent years hit a new low in New Zealand by implying local oil companies were as big an enemy as the French Government was when it sunk the Rainbow Warrior.

Everyone in New Zealand was appalled by the French agents who planted explosions that sunk the Rainbow Warrior in an era when most people in the world were angry with nuclear testing in the Pacific by France and similar testing elsewhere by Britain.

A Greenpeace member died on board that boat, and after the French agents were arrested they were later returned to France by the New Zealand Government only to see them released. To some in France these murderers were heroes.

Now, to commemorate the Rainbow Warrior incident, Greenpeace chief in NZ, Russell Norman claimed oil companies were as capable as the French agents to go undertake an extreme act.

The NZ media reported yesterday that in commemorating the sunken vessel, those attending paid respects to the Greenpeace photographer who died when it was bombed by the French Government 33 years ago.

“We're here to remember the original Rainbow Warrior - and of course Fernando Pereira, who was murdered by the French Government on that day in 1985,” Greenpeace reportedly said yesterday.

Norman then claimed the oil and gas exploration companies are today's enemies, and could go just as far.

This was a statement being made in peaceful New Zealand where everybody, including oil companies and their employees would have been disgusted by the French act. This, Russell Norman, is not Syria.

“When you look at the history of the campaign against nuclear testing in the Pacific and the steps the French Government was willing to go to stop Greenpeace and others winning that battle, it gives you a sense of what the oil companies are capable of as well,” Norman reportedly said.

One of the founders of Greenpeace was Patrick Moore who was incensed by the Pacific nuclear tests and whaling activity, but the Greenpeace he helped form went radical. Out the door went a balance on science and facts.

What better example in New Zealand than Greenpeaace claims about “seismic blasting” implying that this activity is an explosive activity when it is not and also that it threatens the Maui dolphins which scientists have said otherwise.

At yesterday’s event Norman reportedly said: “We are here to celebrate the end of oil, to make oil history - but we are here to say to these big companies that we can still fight for protecting the oceans.”

Well Russell, oil and gas will be around for a long time. You’d better check that your followers are driving home in electric vehicles, not machines relying on petrol.

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Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour 33 years ago. Photo: Today in History.