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8/8/2018 — General
NZPAM and GNS gain strong Diggers interest
By Ross Louthean

The strategically placed booth operated by New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals (NZP&M) and GNS Science at the Diggers & Dealers Forum had received strong interest from the large delegation.

Senior business development manager on geological resources for GNS Science, Dave Jennings, said the interest was being shown for the new prospecting areas being released on the South Island.

There was also for the Government initiative to open up the country’s potential for lithium, rare earth elements and nickel-cobalt deposits.

Some of those visiting the booth were Australian companies already involved in exploration for lithium and other battery metals in Australia and overseas.

Two of the others in a recent workshop by NZP&M, GNS Science and the MBIE were Jennings and co-Kalgoorlie attendee, GNS Science’s head of Regional Geology Robert Smillie.

Smillie told NZ Resources that many conference delegates were attracted to a recent paper on Zeelandia, the subterranean continent enveloping the New Zealand land mass and geologically linked to eastern Australia.

Zealandia has become known as the eighth continent and opens up implications for New Zealand’s mineral potential.

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At the New Zealand stand (from left) Rob Smillie, NZP&M’s principal research analysis advisor Alvin D’Almaida and Dave Jennings.