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6/8/2018 — Economics, Politics and Government
Poll favours Nationals but not Bridges

The latest Colmar-Brunton-One News poll released yesterday showed the National opposition party had the strongest public support.

Radio New Zealand reported last night that National was still the party with the most support despite. The opposition party was unchanged on 45 but Labour has slipped back one point to 42%.

Jacinda Ardern, who is returning from maternity leave, remains the preferred prime minister by an enormous margin - on 40. However, National leader Simon Bridges was down two on 10, and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters was up one to 5%. In recent weeks he has gained positive comments from political commentators over his handling of the acting PM role in Jacinda Ardern’s absence.

Radioo NZ reported Bridges as saying National was the party vote that mattered, but was not taking his poor result lightly.

“I know that the prime ministership isn't something anyone gets on a platter. I need to go out and in what is relatively early days, five months in to my leadership, earn the trust and support of New Zealanders over time.”

Bridges claimed Labour was not making headway because New Zealanders were concerned about the economic management of the country.

Labour is on 42%, but with the support of New Zealand First, which is up one to 5% and the Greens also up one to 6% - the Government parties have 53% support.

Sources: radionz.co.nz; nzresources.com

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