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20/7/2018 — Alternative Energy
Tilt Renewables in the Cloud

An American technology website has reported that Tilt Renewables Ltd (NZX & ASX: TLT) has signed a deal to use Cloud technology for data analysis of its wind, solar and potential hydropower plants.

Powerengineeringint.com said Tilt operates eight wind farms in Australia and New Zealand and has another seven wind projects, three solar farms and one hydro plant under development across the two countries.

It selected Swedish technology firm Greenbyte for management and data analysis of its projects.

The website said Greenbyte’s solution Energy Cloud works by remotely connecting power plants to a Cloud platform via onsite SCADA systems.

Greenbyte says that currently 14 GW of renewable energy across 30 countries are monitored by the software.

Powerengineeringint.com said the deal with Tilt marks the first time that Greenbyte Energy Cloud has been deployed in Australia and New Zealand.

Last month German energy company Encavis chose Greenbyte Energy Cloud for its renewables data management of 236 wind and solar PV projects in nine European countries.

Source: powerengineeringint.com

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