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2/7/2018 — Oil and Gas
Hydrocracker set to be back on line

Refining New Zealand (NZX: NZR) said on Friday it was expecting the hydrocracker to produce on specification fuels by the middle of this week.

Following the multi-million planned shutdown of the refinery which gave some re-commissioning hitches, the company gave a revised range for its net profit after tax for the current year.

The impact was now expected to be in the range of $5 million to $7 M.

Reporting on the latest announcement the website Newsroom said that the hydrocracker had to be shutdown last week after a newly installed valve failed - lengthening delays from its scheduled refinery maintenance shutdown.

The website said the refinery-wide shutdown was planned to run in stages from April 20 to June 8, and NZ Refining was to spend $85 M on it with a predicted financial impact of $30 M.

However, the restart was delayed due to maintenance issues and minor leaks.

On Friday a week ago the company said there had been a delay with the hydrocracker due to two minor leaks and its team was assessing when the unit would be restarted. This latest leak was unrelated.

Source: newsroom.co.nz

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