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8/6/2018 — General
Deal opens up IkeGPS US market

Wellington-based IkeGPS Ltd (NZX & ASX: IKE) has struck a distribution agreement with ESRI Inc, a global market operator in geographic information systems (GIS) software.

Ike said ESRI’s solutions are deployed in more than 350,000 organisations including the world’s largest cities and many national governments.

This agreement makes Ike’s Spike - a smart laser measurement solution, available to ESRI‘s US market, supporting recent integration of Spike with ESRI’s Survey123 for ArcGIS.

ESRI’s ArcGIS technology combines mapping and analytics to support commercial organisations, governments, manufacturing enterprises, utilities, and many other types of businesses.

It claims more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies use ArcGIS to meet business and mission critical goals. In addition, ESRI’s product offerings include mobile apps for field data collection, which feed valuable data into ArcGIS that is used for mapping and analysis.

Survey123 for ArcGIS is a form-centric data collection app that works with Spike on Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets.

Geared for the novice to intermediate user, this integration reportedly allows field workers to easily and safely measure areas, heights, widths, and the offset location of assets difficult to reach, such as a building or road signage, by taking a photo with a smartphone or tablet, all within the Survey123 for ArcGIS app.

“ESRI is not only the GIS market leader, they are a trusted voice for new technology that can benefit organisations that rely on field activities and bring efficiencies to their day-to-day processes,” said ikeGPS chief executive Glenn Milnes.

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