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28/5/2018 — Gold
New assay technology for gold

A new North American assay technology is reportedly having a growing interest and market in the gold industry.

The Chrysos group has developed a trade-market PhotonAssay technology which the company says eliminates the lengthy delays in getting results from conventional fire assays.

Chrysos is claiming its technology provides rapid, accurate, non-destructive and fully automated analysis of ore grade.

It takes a few minutes from sample presentation to result, at a rate of up to 80 samples per hour – or 50,000 samples per month, the company said.

It reportedly provides up to three times improved accuracy on fire assays, and requires minimal sample preparation, with no toxic or caustic reagents required.

The Chrysos PhotonAssay technology uses high intensity X-rays, with its energy some 200 times that of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) based units.The technology has been developed over the past 15 years by Australia’s CSIRO.

Initial seed capital for marketing was raised early last year, and Chrysos that in the in 10 months after that raising, the first PhotonAssay Max unit completed Factory Acceptance Testing at Nuctech’s manufacturing plant in China.

As of early this month, the first machine is now in commercial operation.

Major Australian company Ausdrill will be acquiring the next two machines for installation in the Kalgoorlie goldfields in coming months. One of Ausdrill’s major operating centres is the Super Pit in Kalgoorlie which in recent years has been the country’s largest gold producer.

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The blazer is worn by Dr James Tickner, inventor of the PhotonAssay technology and co-founder of Chrysos explains the operation to Professor Li Yuanjing, SVP of Nutech Co Ltd; Brett Boynton, director of Chrysos and MD of Signature Gold; and Mark Allby, managing partner of financial services for IBM Australia and New Zealand.
The demonstration assay plant.
Ausdrill’s chief operating officer Andrew Broad at a demonstration by Chrysos.