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28/5/2018 — Education, Science and Technology
Nelson meeting on future metals

The next meeting of the AusIMM Nelson Discussion Group will get an outline on the dramatic changes being made in metal demand around the world.

The meeting next Friday will hear from Shaun Barker on issues linked to clean energy moves and the challenges ahead for metals.

He will ask attendees about such issues as is there enough lithium for the new fleet of electric batteries and can mining be stunted by new measures for metal recycling?

The AusIMM said there will be a discussion on how society in New Zealand and globally view the mining sector and the challenges these attitudes pose for successful development of a sustainable future.

Shaun Barker received a BSc (Hons) degree from the University of Otago in 2004, with his Honours thesis focusing on the structural context and geochemistry of pseudo-tachylite in Central Otago.

He then completed a PhD titled “Dynamics of fluid flow and fluid chemistry during crustal shortening” at The Australian National University in 2007. Then he moved to the Mineral Deposit Research Unit at University of British Columbia where he worked on the genesis of Carlin-type gold deposits in Nevada, and identifying vectors towards mineralisation.

Since 2012, Barker has worked at the University of Waikato as a senior lecturer, and is joining CODES at the University of Tasmania in July to work on sedimentary-hosted gold and copper deposits.

Friday evening’s meeting will be held at Nick Smith’s Community Room, 544 Waimea Road, Annesbrook, Stoke.

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