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9/4/2018 — Education, Science and Technology
Plimer puzzled by NZ glacier melt claim
By Ross Louthean

Prominent Australian geoscientist, author, lecturer and industry consultant Professor Ian Plimer told NZResources he was flabbergasted by claims by Forest & Bird about factors behind melts on glaciers.

In recent months environmental groups, the Green Parties in both New Zealand and Australia have gone into overdrive in alarmist claims about the climate and on the need to tax the rich.

The Weekend Australian said Australia’s Green Party’s New South Wales division veered extreme left by demanding heavy taxes on the rich, capping chief executive salaries, stopping public funds for private schools, reducing the working week and dispensing with existing education debts.

Meanwhile, post a disastrous by-election result in Victoria, which the Greens expected to win, the national Green leader called on creating a pension for everyone – estimated to cost an extra $A170 billion per annum on top of Australia’s already disastrous national debt.

Prof Plimer was shown Forest & Bird’s claim on glacier melts, indicating driving cars was a critical problem.

He told NZ Resources it has yet to be demonstrated that human emissions of CO2 drive global warming, despite some of the claims now being made by modern academics.

“As for glaciers melting, the articles assume that glaciers are static non-dynamic beasts, that it does not snow or rain and that glacier melting is driven by temperature,” he said

The whole “scare” relies on models that assume that CO2 emissions by humans drive climate change, ignore the main greenhouse gas - water vapour - and model the atmosphere as a complex system driven by only one variable (which in itself is a trace gas in the atmosphere).

“Variability, climate cycles and the past are totally ignored,” Prof Plimer said.

He considered the article shows how deep the snouts are now in the troughs.

Another geoscientist annoyed by recent claims in the media, Roger Gregg of Auckland, took issue with the Sunday Star-Times that has been writing about the climate change disaster and the “greenhouse effect.”

Gregg, a senior member of the New Zealand branch of the AusIMM and a former lecturer, who still consults to the industry, said he has a B.Sc in chemistry and geology and is a Master of Science in geology from the University of Canterbury.

He told NZResources that global warming is a “scientific croc.”

He said: “The atmosphere behaves neither as a greenhouse nor as an insulating blanket preventing heat from escaping from Earth. Competing forces of evaporation, convection, precipitation and radiation create an energy balance in the atmosphere.”

He said historical thermometer measurements were flawed. Satellite and balloon measurements now provide a far more accurate data set. “These show that there is no global warming.”

Roger Gregg said historical CO2 measurements show that in the 19th and 20th centuries there were times when the atmospheric CO2 content was far higher than today, and that there has been great recorded changes in earth temperatures.

“For example there are historic records of people skating on the Thames. Carbon dioxide is only a trace gas in the Earth's atmosphere, which contains only 0.0001% of the total carbon present in the atmosphere.

“For comparison there is 800 billion tonnes of carbon in the Earth's atmosphere against 39,000 billion tonnes in the oceans and 65,000,000 Bt in the earth.”

The Forest & Bird statement issued last week was headed “Forest & Bird: driving 500m melts 1kg of glacier ice”

It went on to say that Forest & Bird climate advocate Adelia Hallett at the Climate 2050 event discussing Wellington’s future had highlighted new research showing that every 500 metres that Kiwis drive melts at least one kilogram of glacier ice.

In the announcement Hallett claimed: “This brings home the reality that even small decisions make a difference to NZ’s natural environment. If you can bicycle or walk 500 metres instead of driving, you have saved a kilogram of glacier ice.”

She claimed research by climate scientists at the Universities of Bremen and Innsbruck looked at how much mountain glaciers would melt under various climate scenarios.

*Prof Plimer’s latest book “Climate change delusion and the great electricity rip-off” places a focus on the rush into subsidised renewables in Australia at the expense of coal and soaring cost of power in States such as South Australia and Victoria. The book is available from ConnorCourt publishing at the website connorcourt.com

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