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21/3/2018 — Gold
Archaeology quest finds old gold mine

An American science website has reported on archaeology consultants operating on the south Island of New Zealand unearthing traces of a late nineteenth century gold mine.

The website Archaeology cited the Southland Times as providing details of this find by archaeologists engaged by the forestry company IFS Growth. The website is the official publication of the Archaeological Society of America.

Archaeology said the consultants first spotted the site, now covered over with heavy scrub, through historic aerial photographs.

“To everyone’s surprise, we could see an extensive and largely intact gold mining complex consisting of water races, reservoirs, sluice workings, and sludge channels,” said Matthew Sole of Kopuwai Consulting.

Miners’ huts were also part of the complex. Known as the Muddy Terraces site, the mine reportedly yielded about 42 ounces of gold in one five-week period, according to the Southland Times.

Once the site’s boundaries have been determined, the forestry team will continue their harvest around the old mine site

Sources: archaeology.org; southlandtimes.co.nz

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