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21/3/2018 — Education, Science and Technology
Crater lake on White Island

A GeoNet monitoring teams that visited White Island last week found it quiet but noticed the re-appearance of a crater lake on the floor of the active crater area.

GeoNet, which operates the volcano and earthquake monitoring website, said that over the weekend a small earthquake swarm occurred nearby.

“No changes in activity are apparent after the swarm.”

The monitoring team undertook a ground deformation survey, measured fumarole and vent temperatures, sampled springs and the crater lake as part of the routine monitoring taken every three months.

GeoNet said the re-appearance of a crater lake on the floor of the active crater area appears to be a response to the rainfalls induced by the recent cyclones on the North Island.

The lake temperature was described as relatively cool at 27 degrees centigrade. Temperatures of both the dome vent in the active crater and fumarole 0 on the main crater floor had continued to decline.

The dome vent was now 128ºC, down from 157ºC in December last year.

2017. While Fumarole 0 is down from 144 to 138ºC.

GeoNet said White Island is always capable of a new eruption at any time, often without any useful warning.

Source: GeoNet.org.nz

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The new crater pool at White Island. Photo: GeoNet.
Helicopter approach to White Island: Photo: NZResources.