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7/3/2018 — Oil and Gas
Oil show zone testing planned

The minor partner in the Pukatea-1 exploration well in the currently mothballed Puka field, Melbana Energy Ltd (ASX: MAY), said a production test of the encountered oil zone was planned.

Should that be successful it would “greatly enhance” the possibility of a restart of oil production in the suspended Puka field on PEP 51153.

Pukatea-1 reached a final total measured depth of 3,100 metres.

Melbana said wireline logs planned for the 216mm open-hole deep section were unable to be acquired due to a down hole obstruction despite multiple attempts.

The well was plugged back to inside the 244mm casing and a 73mm completion string run to the Mt Messenger oil zone.

Permit operator TAG Oil Ltd (TSX: TAO; OTC: TAOIFF), which also operated the neighbouring Cheal production field, released the Nova-1 drilling rig on March 4.

Melbana said the cost of the planned Mt Messenger Formation production test is within the original budgeted cost of the well.

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