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5/3/2018 — Environment and Society
Meridian supports predator free campaign

Listed energy company Meridian Energy Ltd (NZX: MEL; ASX: MEZ) is supporting the Makaracarpas Society Predator Free programme for the Makara and Ohariu valleys.

The group will work with Wellington Predator Free to connect the city to the Makara Coast, enabling isolation of a section of the lower North Island. Meridian’s funding will allow purchase of 30 traps for use in the local area.

Meridian Energy’s Power Up chairman Mike Ohs said the company was pleased to support Makaracarpas on environmental initiatives such as this.

“The Makaracarpas have worked for many years to enhance the Makara area and their work is making a real difference to the local environment,” he said.

The Makara Community Centre Association will also benefit with funding to allow completion of an interior and exterior maintenance programme for St Patrick’s Church before the busy wedding season commences.

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