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26/2/2018 — Alternative Energy
GNS West Coast geothermal study

The international website RenewablesNow reported that GNS Science had a project to identify high-potential areas for developing geothermal heat supply along the West Coast of the South Island.

This programme would begin in May.

As project leader GNS Science secured 80% of the $NZ205,000 in funding required for the study and expressed confidence the balance will be received in the coming months.

RenewablesNow said Development West Coast was the lead funder.

The website said the initiative focuses on geothermal heat for direct use such as in horticulture, hot pools, accommodation facilities and industrial applications, and will also look into the possibility of small-scale electricity generation.

The six-month project will describe and rank prospects for development, with an aim of identifying up to four prospects for detailed investigation in subsequent stages.

GNS Science said depending on results, phase two would include fieldwork on high-priority sites and the final phase would be development of pilot projects.

“My focus is on a thorough assessment of those geothermal heat prospects that might ultimately produce value for businesses on the West Coast," said lead scientist Brian Carey of GNS Science.

Source: renewablesnow.com

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