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5/2/2018 — Environment and Society
A climate reality check for Kiwis
By Ross Louthean

There may be some in academia and many in politics who would like to have a photograph of Ian Plimer on the bullseye of the dart board in their amenities room.

He is to many of them a heretic because he is one of Australia’s leading geoscience educators who questions and discounts the modern claims of global warming, climate change and the demonising of carbon and coal.

Professor Ian Plimer has produced several books and his latest “Climate Change Delusion and the Great Electricity Rip-Off” covers his growing concern about inventive and alarmist academic claims that are remote from science issues.

This is a book that could well be distributed to New Zealanders, as well as Australians who are being fed a diet of questionable information that can lead to job destruction and penalties on non-existent carbon issues.

It is an opportune document for New Zealanders, for the country has gone from a conservative government, to one more to the left and talking regularly about climate change and now showing signs of lifting the bar on agriculture with by ramping up research of methane generated by stock.

The Labor Government has a coalition with the now fading New Zealand First and with the climate alarmists, the Greens.

Students today are often growing up on a diet of political and media mumbo jumbo where selective information implies global warming, rising sea levels from melting icebergs and the dangers of carbon dioxide.

In his chapter Climate Change, Prof Plimer begins with the take-home message being:

• No one has ever shown that the human emissions of carbon dioxide drive climate change.

• The scientific process has been corrupted.

• Peer review is controlled by a small cabal of climate catastrophists so the contrary views don’t get published.

• Climate models have failed.

• When contrary scientific interpretations are aired, green activists resort to violence.

• Surveys on a consensus of opinions of ‘scientists’ have been cooked.

Prof Plimer said he argues that the “science” of global warming is underpinned by scientific fraud, and environmental followers are deluded and stick to religious beliefs.

He said the renewable energy scene in Australia has attracted an army of carpetbaggers, climate “scientists” and sensational elements in the media.

One prime factor behind this latest book was to illustrate how costly the move into renewable energy – particularly wind farms – have been in Australia, where many of the projects have led to Australian Labor Party governments in South Australia and Victoria to kill or reduce their coal-fired base load.

It is a different scenario to New Zealand where there is an abundance of hydro and geothermal power and where there are wind farms operating unsubsidised with a great deal more wind than the often lifeless turbines in South Australia and Victoria experience.

Prof Plimer points out that Australia’s abundant coal energy provided cheap power that is now being undermined.

This was illustrated by The Australian newspaper on January 30 pointing out average energy prices in Victoria and SA have more than doubled since this time last year, with blackouts likely to increase. (Subsequent editions of that and other newspapers reported major blackouts for suburbs, towns and industry during hot, windless times in those two States).

The Australian reported that in January 2017 average spot price power in SA was $A84.26 and in January this year $A168.90. In Victoria, spot price power in January 2017 was $A62.04 and this January $A139.

The book asked “how were we conned?”

“There was a genuine concern for the environment by most of the community. People acted in good intent trying to make the planet a better place. It all became pear-shaped when the environmental movement was taken over by activists with a political agenda.”

He said America’s Al Gore was the first to become a billionaire by scaring the credulous about global warming, telling us “we must cut back on carbon dioxide emissions and reduce our electricity consumption or we’ll fry and die.”

Gore did not tell people that back in 2016 his waterfront house devoured 34 times more electricity than the average American household.

His early claims were that sea levels will rise some 20 metres, and that has already been proven wrong.

Climate Change Delusion is a valuable book to counter the alarmists and, for all his stumblings, Donald Trump has got the climate issue right and this is improving the US economy.

Soon after producing this book he gave a talk to British politicians in London about climate issues.

*Climate Change Delusion and the Great Electricity Rip-Off, by Ian Plimer. Published by Connor Court Publishing. www.connorcourt.com

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Ian Plimer in his favourite mining centre of Broken Hill in New South Wales.
Professor Ian Plimer’s new book.