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24/1/2018 — Environment and Society
GeoNet upgrades earthquake monitoring

Earthquake drum plots have gone offline for a day or more recently due to the GeoNet network upgrading and replacing equipment.

Following the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake some of the tasks in GeoNet’s annual work plan got “a little behind.”

Many of these related to upgrading the GNSS receivers and the telemetry equipment in use at remote sites.

“We have also been updating our field cabinets to allow for more batteries and equipment in the cabinets. This has been nationwide, but recently the technicians have been working at Taranaki and the Tongariro National Park area as the weather allows,” GeoNet reported.

The more settled summer weather was now allowing work at some of the higher altitude sites in the National Parks.

Some issues faced related to the size of the original cabinets that turned out to be too small at some sites, particularly once they must house extra batteries, a GNSS receiver, seismic digitiser, acoustic sensor, auxiliary electronics and radios.

GeoNet said the technology has advanced considerably in this area “hence we can now operate more data links and transmit more data. This allows GeoNet to move a lot more data and faster.”

Source: geonet.org.nz

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View of the Te Maari outstation showing the solar array, cabinet, web camera, telemetry antenna and GNSS pillar. Photo: GeoNet.