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20/12/2017 — Alternative Energy
NZ Windfarms resolves noise factor

NZ Windfarms Ltd (NZX: NWF) claims it has achieved a milestone in terms of its resource consents.

Following the November decision by commissioners on new noise conditions, no valid appeals have been lodged.

In early 2017, the company identified two key strategic milestones - acquisition of the electrical reticulation assets from lines company Powerco, and resolution of long standing noise issues.

The Powerco assets were purchased in September, and the end of the consent conditions review process yesterday resolves compliance issues for the organisation.

NZ Windfarms said it has worked closely with stakeholders to agree on new operating parameters, centred around three turbines located close to a group of residences.

The company proposed a higher turbine cut-in wind speed and a gearbox modification to limit noise in low wind south-easterly conditions.

NZ Windfarms said the commissioners’ decision supported this approach and leaves the company free to operate the other 93 turbines on the company’s Te Rere Hau Wind Farm without restriction.

Board chairman Rodger Kerr-Newell described the decision as a good outcome for residents and the company

Kerr Newell noted NZ Windfarms has achieved all its strategic goals for 2017.

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