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13/11/2017 — Environment and Society
Lyttelton Port links with hospital group

Lyttelton Port Co Ltd (LPC) has announced a partnership with the Māia Health Foundation to support children at Christchurch Hospital.

LPC chief executive Peter Davie, said a three year agreement has been made with Māia to help make the stay in hospital for children as comfortable as possible.

The arrangement was also aimed at future proofing the helipad operation.

“These projects are an important part of growing our health services and like Māia, Lyttelton Port, as South Island’s gateway for goods coming in and out of the region, is vested in the growth of South Island’s services. Supporting our communities is a big part of what we do.

“Māia wants to make a difference – and make each hospital stay as comfortable as possible for children and their families.”

Māia Health Foundation was fund raising a total of $5.2 million. It is a non-profit foundation launched in May 2016.

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