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New Zealand scientists and a prominent university have joined forces to support food authentication requirements for developing nations


Since Friday night some significant earthquakes hat hit a small town on the North Island’s east coast, and it’s not the first time this hamlet has felt the shakes.


Natural fauna and wildlife on sub Antarctic islands have been severely damaged by pests and the Government is starting to wage war on the uninvited inhabitants of Auckland Island.


A special navy device will be used to try and locate old mine shafts in the Zeelandia lake at Karoi so a carp fish eradication programme can be completed.


The Government’s increased spending now takes in a stronger war on predator pests.


Recent heavy rain has opened up more areas in what is known as Earthquake Flat near Rotorua which has activated the interest of volcanologists.


The Environmental Protection Agency says it is enquiring into the costs of dealing with hazardous materials which may prove to be a lever for increasing handling charges.


The last thing residents of Kaikoura would have wanted to feel was another earthquake. They felt a nasty jolt in the early hours of Tuesday.


A major mouse-eradication problem on Antipodes Island will allow help bird life to thrive again on this remote New Zealand dependency.


Scientists are still studying the impact of Kaikoura’s devastating 2016 earthquake which has now shown seabed landslides saw mud travel more than 600 kilometres.

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