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An innovation system for Z Energy will see motorists being billed for fuel through a technology system that recognised a car number plate.


A jack-up drilling rig will arrive in Admiralty Bay early next month to help with service and maintenance work on offshore production fields now held by OMV New Zealand.


While New Zealand has challenges ahead with domestic gas supply the LNG exports from Australia in 2018 hit a new record.

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- EnergyQuest Monthly LNG Report for December 2018. (1.1 megabytes)


With TAG Oil now quitting New Zealand’s oil and gas scene, its Canadian partner in part of the Cheal gas field is looking at options for its equity in the onshore Taranaki.


A major employer group on the South Island has pushed for Government support for offshore oil and gas exploration specifically to support security of future NZ gas supply.


A company controlled by New Zealand Oil & Gas has seen its minority shareholders support the Wellington-based company gaining equity in two offshore permits in friendlier foreign waters.

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- Cue AGM presentation. (819.4 kilobytes)


There was overwhelming shareholder support in Canada for TAG Oil to sell its production and exploration assets in New Zealand.


The petroleum industry has warned New Zealanders that under the current exploration restrictions the country only has about seven years supply of gas for both domestic and industry purposes.


An annual international survey of petroleum sector leaders has seen New Zealand plummet as a place in which to invest.


Mediation appears to have averted a potentially serious strike on fuel supply in New Zealand.

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