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By Simon Hartley

Exploration success at Macraes has given impetus to extending the life of OceanaGold’s original mining project.

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By Simon Hartley

A compelling offer may see a Christchurch-based software company fall into American hands.

By Ross Louthean

While Australia’s zeal for electric vehicles may be behind that of New Zealand, its miners are spending big to be a major supplier to the electric vehicle and battery market.

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The latest key onshore exploration well in New Zealand is progressing towards its target depth.

The EPA has appointed an independent group to undertake a study on chemical compliance management in New Zealand.

New Zealand continues to play its part in the global aluminium production by continuing steady production in the September quarter as the Tiwai Point smelter prepares for expansion.

The Reserve Bank has produced a paper for proposed changes to how banking breaches are reported and published.

Recent News

Gold News

Laneway Resources may soon be getting a cash flow from gold production in Queensland that may help it fund exploration in New Zealand.

An Australian investment website has highlighted the early interest being shown in big mineral targets for an explorer also operating in New Zealand.

Brisbane-based gold junior Laneway is pushing ahead with exploration on its Hauraki goldfield holdings and this fiscal year plans 10 exploration holes on the Jubilee prospect.

Epithermal gold-silver projects in the Hauraki goldfield featured in one of the world’s biggest gold gabfests, the Denver Gold Conference.

The first measures for a mining start at the Talisman gold mine returns the famous Karangahake mining area to being a wealth creator for New Zealand.

Oil & Gas News

Melbana Energy has confirmed the sale process that will see it depart from the New Zealand petroleum exploration scene.

More submissions from industry at the conclusion of submissions on legislation to validate a ban on new petroleum permits included biting words from Greymouth Gas and a body for the seismic industry saying they would seek compensation of more than $100 million.

The annual report revealed that belt tightening and corporate changes produced a better year for Cue Energy in fiscal 2018.

The cost of petrol may have risen in New Zealand but Z Energy was able to sustain healthy sales figures for the September quarter.

Another industry submission has made it clear how domestic energy supply could be in serious trouble in a decade or so because of the mantra for climate change.

Coal, Lignite & CSG/CBM News

One of the key energy providers in New Zealand has shown how the political actions of the Government are out of step with the reality to provide sustained energy for the country.

A nitrogen gas plant has been returned to the Pike River coal mine site to help with the recovery of miners who were killed there eight years ago.

A series of four workshops on risk assessment for a re-entry into the Pike River coal mine will be held this month, and they will be open to the public.

Downer has renewed a mining contract, this time for a big coal operation in south-east Queensland.

Bathurst had a stronger year but the shadow of a High Court ruling halted the immediate idea of a shareholder dividend.

Other Metals & Minerals News

One of Aorere’s major investments is scaling down its Vietnam profile to enter less exotic regions and with a familiar face as chairman.

Shareholders of Steel & Tube have been told by its board that the bid by Fletcher Building under-values the company.

The Pilbara of Western Australia is one of the world’s great repositories for iron ore and a company controlled by a resource-rich Kiwi family is pushing ahead with studies.

Canadian-listed Nautilus Minerals, which retains a New Zealand association, is continuing talks to find a party to take over the contract for a production support vessel for the Solwara-1 seabed mining quest.

Downer EDI has won a major new maintenance contract for the world-class iron ore exporting facilities in the Pilbara for BHP.

Renewable Energy News

Genesis Energy will join Tilt Energy in developing the Waverley wind farm in Taranaki, a move some market observers would see as adding to Tilt’s defence against a full takeover by its two major shareholders.

Tilt Renewables, which is under an unwelcome full takeover bid from its two major shareholders, has made the point that it had an improved result in the September quarter.

A company experienced in the energy sector has been appointed by NZ Windfarms to assist in a review of the company, including its possible sale or the sale of assets.

The combatants in the full takeover bid for Tilt Renewables are digging their trenches deeper as there is no change in the stance of all the parties.

Wind farm operators are wanting a revision to the Resource Management Act which they claim will improve the viability of this industry.

Environment News

A total of 150 years ago to today a massive earthquake off South America saw a huge tsunami sweep across the Pacific, hitting New Zealand and causing fatalities on the Chatham Islands.

By switching to ground power instead of inbuilt aircraft supply while at NZ airports international Air New Zealand flights were generating big savings on jet fuel and also lowering the carbon footprint.

The faulting under Dunedin may be greater than originally thought but a new GNS Science led study is not ringing any alarm bells.

Strong quake off Picton (Free to View)

The top of the North Island had a nasty jolt with a 5.4 magnitude earthquake. Fortunately it was quite deep.

New Zealand scientists and a prominent university have joined forces to support food authentication requirements for developing nations

Education, Science & Technology News

Two veteran geoscientists were honoured with the title of geoscience champions near the conclusion of this week’s international science week in Adelaide.

While there has been a contraction of mine finding ability in New Zealand there is a new initiative in Australia to accelerate discoveries with the support of miners, several governments and universities.

GNS Science has sent a specialist team to the Solomon Islands to help set up a sophisticated monitoring system for earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes.

Old marine charts digitised for modern use are expected to be used for a host of applications in utilising the seabeds of New Zealand and its larger subterranean coastline.

The research vessel Tangaroa, carrying a team of international scientists, has set off for the North Island’s East Coast to undertake new research on understanding earthquake and tsunami potential on the Hikurangi Fault.

Economics, Politics & Government News

Issues now confronting the National Party may have been resolved years ago when the party was in office.

Revelations by maverick National Jamie-Lee Ross may achieve the undoing of the party leader but it creates a stumbling block for the party in the next major political race.

At a time the National Party leader would be looking to improve his electoral popularity rating he is now confronted with a serious case of damage control at the hands of a party member now seeking to go independent.

It appears the Government has been able to keep a brake on its spending with the revelation of a healthy surplus.

The Tax Working Group report released yesterday appears to have covered little of merit and glossed over a potential capital gains tax.

Other News

Compared to recent years property companies are not expected to be shining lights this reporting season.

Improving job opportunities and wages in Australia were considered to be a prime factor behind a change to migration patterns in New Zealand.

Shareholders of Meridian Energy were told that fiscal 2018 was a year of two contrasting halves, but the financial outcome was positive.

South Island engineering company Farra has completed a major restructuring without a noticeable loss of jobs.

New Zealand’s most northern listed port sees greater cargo diversification ahead and more facilities being developed on company land.