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Coal, Lignite and CSG/CBM
By Simon Hartley

The estimates of a private placement for Bathurst Resources by business journalists proved correct and now the company is considering something for shareholders.

By Simon Hartley

One of New Zealand’s key ports has been able to replicate its recent financial performance but management sees potential tougher times ahead.


Shares in Genesis Energy are scheduled to list today on both the NZX and ASX and based on the demand shown it could prove to be the most popular of the three Government partial privatisations.

Education, Science and Technology

GNS Science has strengthened its working relationship with iwi in the active Rotorua volcanic belt.

Recent News

Gold News

If gold producers are worried about the future course of the metal’s price then they should be buoyed by findings about growing demand from within China.

A note has gone out to shareholders of Antipodes Gold, which until recently was Glass Earth Gold, to make it clear the company now had one project on which to focus.

The last two weeks were just what the gold producers did not want, the progressive rise of the gold price halting and sliding back significantly.

The Hong Kong-linked Chinese group that seemed keen to do a deal on an old gold mine in the Hauraki goldfield has developed cold feet.

A modern flow technology system has been installed at one of OceanaGold Corporation’s mines.

Oil & Gas News

Just what New Zealand’s old oil refiner did not want! An extension of time for the shut down of a key part of the processing complex.

With all the good data coming out on New Zealand’s economic front, it was good to see that the service sector was also seeing increased activity.

With listing achieved in London a few months ago, a Perth oil and gas explorer has now gained the necessary access agreements to drill two wells on New Zealand’s South Island.

Many Australian business commentators and petroleum industry officials ponder how the country’s crippling wages and costs for offshore production are going to be reined in – an interesting test case for New Zealand in the future.

New Zealand Oil & Gas yesterday gave details of its dividend reinvestment plan.

Coal, Lignite & CSG/CBM News

The trading halt for Bathurst Resources on its latest capital raising was originally to have been lifted with an announcement yesterday, but that has now been changed to today.

One of the extreme anti-coal groups is making a claim that many of its members will be quitting using a major bank on the basis of allegations that it was financing a coal mine developer.

There have been a lot of public brickbats thrown at Solid Energy in the past two years but one decision on capital outlay for the country’s biggest coal mine was now seen by a Government scrutineer as a sensible move.

One of the many mining companies in Hong Kong this week for a major conference was a New Zealander which, like the others, was on a market selling and possible capital raising quest.

Over the decades some residents of Reefton have had access to cheap heating – local coal – but that is now under question.

Other Metals & Minerals News

The long sleep for the Barrytown mineral sands project may be over, with a private company moving to full ownership and with a strong belief it the project’s potential.

Years of research and test work with specialist companies around the world has seen the first of three seafloor mining machines built.

What is probably New Zealand’s best mineral sands project is being sold by a Perth-based company to its joint venture partner.

Newmont Waihi Gold has gained a reputation of undertaking important public communication and regional services, and some of this activity has now been detailed.

One of the Australian junior companies exploring in New Zealand has lost one of its company secretaries.

Renewable Energy News

A new report just out shows a significant growth in renewable energy around the globe despite the fact some governments cut their spending in this area.

The Te Papa Museum will be venue for a wind energy conference in April that will attract some global experts on renewable energy issues.

The extent of growing renewable energy programmes was outlined at an energy conference in New Zealand late last week.

An American group is now marketing a technology in New Zealand which it says will challenge conventional wind power.

Auckland University has become involved in another renewable energy programme with an Asian nation.

Environment News

The environmental alarm bells are again ringing on claims about global warming and rising seas, showing that it would be an idea for the Government and the media to provide some balance to the issue.

In the Taranaki waste from oil and gas operations is being blended with soil but one organisation has got a crack over the knuckles on its remediation work.

There was unanimity in Parliament yesterday for the passage of new legislation to protect marine areas at and near Kaikōura.

New Government legislation will create a marine sanctuary off Kaikoura for a variety of roles.

Three large new marine reserves have been established in New Zealand’s southern waters and this will sterilise these areas from any form of exploration and mining.

Education, Science & Technology News

Scientists and technology specialists are in Wellington this week to further peaceful uses for nuclear science in the Asia-Pacific region.

An Auckland company is continuing to make global waves with innovative measures to help industry create new fuel and energy from waste.

A well known resource analysis group has joined the AusIMM in New Zealand in creating a new scholarship for post-graduate students.

The AusIMM is getting more active out in the provinces in New Zealand to promote lectures and study programmes.

The Alpine Fault is well known as a focus for seismic events in New Zealand and scientists from the University of Canterbury have unearthed some new findings.

Economics, Politics & Government News

All is not smooth between Labour and the Greens and the Nationals have used the opportunity to highlight the potential differences.

Columnist Dene Mackenzie looks at Labor’s new move to try and get political leverage on an old party blueprint for compulsory superannuation.

The political storm over State asset sales is not over but the early views on the Genesis 49% float are that it will help abate the Labor and Green winds seeking change.

There have been some positive comments by market observers in New Zealand on the Genesis Energy IPO and now a positive observation has been made across the ditch.

The latest public opinion poll shows that the Labour Opposition and the Greens may have to do some re-thinking about policy issues.

Other News

The annual Minerals West Coast Forum is now in advanced planning for a two-day event in July.

The population of New Zealand has become more diverse following release yesterday of some 2013 Census figures.

The increasing focus on exploration for gas on the South Island may have been a factor behind the Institute of Gas Engineers moving the annual forum south.

Creditors of failed diatomite mining and processing company Featherstone are to have a second meeting, this time in Auckland next week.

One North Island port may have to change some of the spiel in its promotional information because another port is saying it has reclaimed the number one status.